With over 37 years of experiences combined we are confident we can be your solution for any real estate situation.

About Simply Sell and its’ People

Managing Partner – Craig Cook and the Family

As a true Oklahoman born and raised I’ve spent 28 years buying and selling real estate. After playing collegiate basketball I found something to truly be passionate about in real estate. I’ve purchased, rehabbed, kept, or sold hundreds of homes and I love the stories from every single one. My goal now is to build a business I can one day set up for my two sons.

Managing Partner – Eliot Casiano

I have lived and considered Oklahoma City my home for 22 years. Having grown up in this wonderful city, I have a passion for taking care of it. In 2017 I took the leap into real estate and never looked back. I’m happy to say that I have been able to serve dozens of people during 3 years and even more people with the team I am a part of now. Personally I think we provide the best options for all homeowners because we have the team capable of doing so. I love that we go out of our way to help everyone we come into contact with. We always provide win-win solutions in situations foreclosure, probate, or even retail. If you have questions or just would love some good advice don’t hesitate, we are all down to earth Okies!